Search Engine Optimization

Figure out what's preventing your website from being promoted on search networks
We will audit the site for a variety of parameters and give recommendations on how to eliminate errors that prevent access to the TOP!

Want to get an independent site audit?

Site owners apply for an audit when they realize that something is wrong with the site, that it does not work or does not work as expected. Even the highest quality web resource will be useless if search engines do not see it.

How do you know there's a problem

Few Visitors

 Few visitors to the site
 Decreased number of visitors
 Decrease in the number of visitors from search engines

Few Orders

 Visitors come but no orders
 Decreased conversion
(Lots of visitors but few orders)

Dropped positions

 Pages not in the TOP 10
 Pages were in the TOP, but
now they are not
 I want to be in the TOP

Website promotion issues

  • Why are there so few visitors to the site?
  • Why search networks don’t show an important page
  • Why the site page is not in the TOP 10 search networks
  • Why there are few orders, but there are visitors
  • Why Pages Lost TOP-10
  • How to beat competitors and reach the TOP
  • I want to promote a website and don’t know where to start

We are looking for problems to remove

Technical SEO audit

Checking site pages for technical errors. Such an analysis will show errors that prevent the site from taking high positions in the search network.

SEO analysis

Analysis of the audience of the site, competitors in the search network, as well as the visibility of the web resource. Development of recommendations for the development of the resource.

Website promotion

A set of measures to improve the position of the site in search engine results. Increasing customer traffic to the site.

Want recommendations for your website?

We will analyze your site and find the reasons why the site will grow in search engines.

Why promote your business on search engines

Even the highest quality web resource
will be useless
if search engines do not see it

Site analysis (audit) is an assessment of web pages from the point of view of search engines. We analyze the pages, check the compliance with the basic requirements of search engines, which determine the quality of the site for its positions in the search (ranking).

How the search engine evaluates your page depends on the place where your site appears in the search results for a particular query.

After the analysis, you will have information for SEO optimization

Know website problems

They interfere with promotion to the TOP

Understand how to get traffic

How to use effort to get traffic from the search network

Get list of edits

List of edits for finalization and implementation on your site

Order site recommendations!

We will analyze your site and find the reasons why the site will grow in search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimization price

The process of calculating the budget for optimization and promotion is always individual. The number of errors and the amount of work for all sites are different and it is impossible to estimate the price range in advance.

Only after conducting an SEO analysis of the site, you can understand the volume, develop a plan and determine the cost of optimization for the requirements of search engines. 

But we have prepared several tariff plans for work

Technical optimization

from 999 €

Work is necessary for sites when promoting in search networks

Internal Site Optimization

from 1499 €

Ideal for SEO promoting small sites up
to 500 pages

Technical optimization

from 2599 €

Optimal tariff for internal and external website optimization

What does SEO website optimization provide?

It’s simple! The site becomes more visible in search engines and targeted traffic to the site increases.

Smart Website Development for Promotion!

Creating a website with an SEO specialist launches promotion at the zero stage without losing time and saves money on improvements and rework
What does an SEO specialist do when creating a website
What site will you get
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