SEO audit for business

Analyze and evaluate various parameters of the site in order to identify problems that may affect its visibility in search engines.
What is an SEO audit of a website?
Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your web resource
SEO site audit is a comprehensive study of a web resource in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses in terms of search engine optimization. This process involves analyzing a variety of factors that can affect the site’s position in search results.

Importance of SEO audit for business

Increasing visibility in search

One of the main goals of an SEO audit is to improve your website's position in search results. Your website becomes more visible to potential customers, which can lead to an increase in organic traffic.

Improving user experience

The audit helps to identify problems for the user. Improving navigation and page loading speed will make the site more user-friendly and attractive to visitors.

Improved competitiveness

With an SEO audit, you can learn what strategies your competitors are using and develop more successful promotion methods.

Increase quality traffic

An SEO audit helps you attract traffic that is genuinely interested in your product or service. By optimizing keywords and content, you can attract users who have a high potential for conversion.

Our price for a website audit

We realize that every budget is limited, and  businesses can’t always afford excessive costs. But let’s take a look at why the cost of an SEO audit is worth it and what benefits you’ll get as a result.

Quick site check

from 190 €

Lead time: 2 business days

Standard site check

from 490 €

Lead time: 5 business days

Advanced site verification

from 1490 €

Lead time: from 10 business days

After the analysis, you will have information for SEO optimization

Know website problems

They interfere with promotion to the TOP

Understand how to get traffic

How to use effort to get traffic from the search network

Get list of edits

List of edits for finalization and implementation on your site

Order site recommendations!

We will analyze your site and find the reasons why the site will grow in search engines.

Even the highest quality web resource
will be useless
if search engines do not see it

Site analysis (audit) is an assessment of web pages from the point of view of search engines. We analyze the pages, check the compliance with the basic requirements of search engines, which determine the quality of the site for its positions in the search (ranking).

How the search engine evaluates your page depends on the place where your site appears in the search results for a particular query.

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